Vegas with my besties

It’s vegas. What more can I say?

The food is great, drinks are free in every casino, gamble till you drop, wake up and grab a buffet brunch at Caesar’s, go club-hopping at night in your favourite gown after watching Cirque du Soleil.

That’s what we, bunch of 20-something girls do in vegas and it never fails to excite us!

Las Vegas is a disneyland for adults, and it’s just fun to be there and get all the vibes we can’t get back home.

I live 4 hours away from Vegas, and we usually take one of our car to get there. Taking a plane is also a good option, but none of us are over 25, which basically means we can’t rent a car once we get there.

Things to pack for Vegas:

  • Jackets
    • Vegas is located in middle of a desert, and the temperature difference between day and night is drastic.
  • Condom
    • Safe sex!
  • Lots-a cash
    • Gamble on and tip the Valet drivers and drink girls and hookers
  • Flip Flop
    • You don’t want to walk around bare feet in Vegas hotels.
  • Water
    • Not super necessary, but the most common things are expensive in hotels… because they are common yet you didn’t bring it.


Wicked Spoon Buffet @ Cosmopolitan
Chipotle chicken avocado and Montague Sandwich @ Earl of Sandwich
Christmas in Vegas is really pretty
Daylight view — The strip

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