San Quintin

Recently, my father and I went to San Quintin for a short vacation. 

img_20160722_202625San Quintin is located in a Baja California, Mexico.

It was middle of July and the weather wasn’t as hot as I expected but I’ve got to admit, my next vacation in Mexico should be Cancun, not here. 

But I did enjoy my stay in a decent hotel called “Hotel Santa Maria”. 

Couple friends of my father joined in for this trip and not a single person around my age came along so I ended up speaking less than 10 words a day and lived in solitude for the remaining trip. Oh and did I mention, we DROVE there, which basically meant six hours in a small car and additional two hours at the border. 

After I came back home, the first thing I did was going out for a nice Korean BBQ with my mum and doing lots and LOTS of SQUATS. 

The positives from this trip were eating amazing tacos and smuggling Kinder Sopresa into U.S. 

*Don’t get me wrong, I love Mexico. But the trip was hell.


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